TruckerTimer 4.1.4

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Truck drivers: save yourself a fine and maximise your driving hours with this advanced tachograph and driving log.

TruckerTimer is the only application designed specifically for truck, lorry and HGV drivers in the UK and Europe that will help you track your driving hours and alert you to impending fatigue violations.

TruckerTimer is designed to keep you legal within the many complex rules of the EU driver's hours regulations.

Already in use by over 300 drivers, who have commented:

"An excellent app for monitoring driver hours... First class!"

"Excellent app. The only one of its kind..."

"Brilliant would recommend to anyone."

* Supports EU, AETR and GB domestic heavy vehicle fatigue regulations
* EU and AETR rules are suitable for coach drivers also
* Graphical countdown for each rule, showing how long you have left
* Switchable between regulatory systems on-the-fly
* Implements advanced rules: split breaks, 10-hour days twice per week, 15 hour spread and more
* Alert within the application, or optionally by system notifications
* Allows manual adjustment of logs in case you forget to switch to rest or driving mode at any time
* Gives daily, weekly and fortnightly summaries of all driving activity, able to be offset to match your shift start time.
* Can send logs and summaries via email, bluetooth and other means in an Excel compatible format
* A home screen widget, showing the current driving state and time remaining until next fatigue violation.
* Ability to set a 15, 30 or 45 minute alarm for short breaks, with a safety margin to ensure the break is long enough
* Svensk översättning!
* Traduction française!

TruckerTimer has seen extensive testing, both in the field and with over 100 synthetic driving logs to ensure that regulations are correctly implemented.

See about screen within the application for an email address to send support requests and any suggestions or other feedback. If you are having any problems please make use of this -- I will review any logs or issues emailed and either fix or explain the issue! I cannot respond directly to market comments.

Solutions to some commonly reported problems:
* For a small number of people the app has been glitchy after being first installed, but this problem is completely and permanently fixed if you reboot. If something is not making any sense whatsoever, try a reboot first.
* If you believe you are getting an invalid or reduced daily rest reported incorrectly, ensure the required duration (9 or 11 hours) is completed fully within 24 hours of the completion of the previous daily/weekly rest, as this is required by legislation. If you still think it's wrong, please contact me via email.

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